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In Loving Memory of Barry Smith
Barry Smith
May 29, 1939 - June 22, 2014
There will be a memorial service in the Grove in Canyon July 13th at 2:00pm.
Spaceman and Goat (of Voices for Peace in Santa Cruz) Interview Activist Barry Smith:
YouTube w/ Spaceman, YouTube w/ Goat, audio w/ Spaceman, audio w/ Goat.
Interview with Roberta Llewellyn and Barry Smith 2012
More Stories about Canyon and Peoples Park in Berkeley, plus Buckminster Fuller, Maharishi, Lester Young, Paulo Soleri and others..
Spaceman Spaceman

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Peace Village Festival Jackson Well Springs08-15-2014All DayView...
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Mission Statement:
We Are Free Spirited and Eclectic!
Dedicated to providing some of the finest radio programming available, Takilma FM will feature great artists and their music which is usually not heard on the commercial media. We will also throw in a heaping helping of the great classic and contemporary compositions we have come to know and love. Each show will be custom made and produced by the DJ's themselves. There will never be program directors providing play lists.

An Ongoing Art Project~
This station will be an ongoing art project and includes interviews, stories and news reporting on controversial and obscure subjects, poetry readings, and excerpts from books as well as some local interest only things. Listener feed back and participation is greatly encouraged! There is an archive page for easy access to some of our past programming.

Click HERE for Pats Page!
Patrick Farley, a small online memorial to the fine & good old friend, a founder of Takilma Radio... tragically lost, forever still with us in spirit!
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We miss him!
We would like to take this space to thank our dear friend and one of the pioneers of the look and feel of this site, Maylock Stansbury for his excellent work. An outstanding artist & musician, he died Nov. 2011 in dire need of a liver transplant!
It is appalling to us that medical marijuana patients (like him) get pushed to the back of the wait list line, if they are allowed on the wait list at all for available organ transplants...
The very people who need it most!!!
go to his memorial page!
Please consider contributing to and supporting the cause, Medical Marijuana Patients need organs TOO!
Transplants and donated organs are in sharp need and limited supply if available at all, please know MANY other people if not him can use your help right now, any kind you can render, we encourage you to investigate how you can help!

Hope Mountain Barter Faire 2010
Spaceman is on this ship...

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