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from our source for these readings: The Light Circle Ezine
A World-Wide Publication 10-31-08, Published by Isis the "Lady Of Light" since 02-22-02
You will never receive this newsletter unsolicited. It is by subscription only. If you have received this and have not subscribed, then someone has either forwarded it to you or has subscribed you. This newsletter is published 365 days a year. Feel free to pass it on, if you do not pass on the entire newsletter please give credit where credit is due. Please include all url's within all articles and at end of this newsletter. Thank you.
I ask not that you believe the messages sent forth, only that you read them with an open mind. For I am not concerned with what you believe -- only with what you see. I wish to also remind you that channeled messages received from ANYONE can become distorted as they pass through the various dimensions to be received by the receiver. ALWAYS go within for clarification. You and you alone are your best teacher and you need no other; follow your own inner guidance. Views and opinions expressed by others in this publication may not necessarily be mine.
If something you read here, or on my web sites, does not ring true to you then by all means disregard it and go on to what does. For one persons truth is not always anothers. What is given today can very well change tomorrow -- in fact in the next instant -- as ALL THINGS are in constant change. Every four-quadrillionth of a second the entire universe appears and disappears -- changing. Please use your discrimination in reading this and all material intended for spiritual growth, as truth is a personal thing, and each journey towards truth, unique. Please keep in mind when reading this newsletter that each writer is writing from his or her own point of view, experiences, and level of understanding. If your Guidance tells you that an article is not of value to you, just ignore it. It may be an eye-opener for someone else!

"Messages sometimes arrive on our doorstep when least expected. We can ignore them, dispute them or listen to them. Life is a series of choices. Our job is to make the right choices at the right times."

Matthew's Message 07-13-11

SaluSa 07-06-11

SaluSa 06-29-11

SaLuSa 05-25-11

SaLuSa 05-23-11

SaluSa 05-18-11

SaLuSa 04-08-11

SaLuSa 04-13-11

SaLuSa 04-06-11

SaLuSa 03-30-11

SaLuSa 03-23-11

Golden Wolf 03-18-11

Jeshua Mother God 03-18-11

SheldonNidle 02-22-11

SaLuSa 02-21-11

SaLuSa 02-23-11

SaLuSa 02-18-11

Hilarion 02-13-11

Alec Christos Gabbitas

SheldonNidle 02-08-11

SaLuSa 02-11-11

SaLuSa 01-26-11

SheldonNidle 02-01-11

SaLuSa 01-14-11

SaLuSa 12-15-10

Sheldon Nidle 12-14-10

SaLuSa 12-13-10

Shelton Nidle 12-07-10

SaLuSa 10-06-10

SaLuSa 08-11-10

SaLuSa 08-06-10

SaLuSa 07-23-10

SaLuSa 07-21-10

Sheldon Nidle 07-16-10

SaLuSa 07-16-10

SaLuSa 07-09-10

Sheldon Nidle 07-09-10

Gulf Oil Bulliten 06-03-10

LadyGaia 06-02-10
As the World cries.

SaLuSa 06-02-10
Governmental changes are approaching.

Sheldon Nidle 06-01-10
An urgent call from other members of the Galaxy By Susan Leland

Minerva 05-26-10
An urgent call from other members of the Galaxy By Susan Leland.

This Just In 05-31-10
Evacuation Gulf of Mexico Region.

Sheldon Nidle 05-25-10

SaLuSa 05-19-10
Flash back from the past weeks news

Matthew 05-19-10
talking about the oil Spew as concerns Planetary evolution today

SaLuSa 04-21-10

SaLuSa 04-19-10
OUR Allies spread around the WORLD

Commander Sohin 04-20-10
The new Habitat that all the Kingdoms of Earth will have

Alec Christos Gabbidass 5-5-10
Letting off all that steam !!!

High Council Of Twelve 04-09-10

James Gillian 04-02-10

Marina Tristar Spaceship 04-04-10

Sheldon Nidle 03-02-10

SaLuSa 04-01-10

Nesara 04-01-10

Matthew 03-03-10

Alpha Starship 03-09-10
-You must do your PART-

Contact and Disclosure 03-09-10
Prepare for ascention via disclosure

SaLuSa 03-09-10
The Creator holds all there is

Sheldon Nidle 03-09-10
Worldwide Intelligence BLACKOUT

Sheldon Nidle 03-05-10
Wrapping things up to transformyou into a STAR NATION

Sheldon Nidle 02-23-10
Dark hats holding back NESARA

SaLuSa 03-03-10
The fleets are in the millions waiting!

SaLuSa 02-22-10
Your higher Conscisiosness will lead you ON

Rothchild 03-03-10
Rothchilds Banking history of the banksters crimes

Fred Burks 03-03-10
Fred Burks Translator for the Presidents tells ALL

Alpha Starship 02-18-10
Commmander Sohim tells about his ship coming into ORBIT watch care

Alpha Starship 02-04-10

Sheldon Nidle 02-17-10
Presents a new GOLD based financial system that is ready

Spaceman Bari Special Children 01-29-10

Sheldon Nidle 02-10-10
Has advanced Spiritual technology to look forward to.

Sheldon Nidle 02-02-10
Proposal for U.S. Regime change for the planetary good CHANGE IS EMMINANT

Trillions of Spaceships await Obama's tough love stance.

SaluSa 02-10-10
transformations on the way to Ascension.

Pleadians 2-10-10
Contact Earth mortals about to engage the 5th dimension.

Mashubi 02-09-10
Mashuba from Earth Blessings tells about the manifestation of the Spiritual reality on this Planet.

World Awareness Mashubi 01-20-10

St. Germaine 12-29-09
(St Germain opens up his bank, D.C. Teleconference)

Sheldon Nidle 01-19-10
(Sheldon Nidle, Economic dilemma / earthquakes)

Sheldon Nidle 01-13-10
(Sheldon Nidle, International legal machine is on)

SaLuSa_ 01-13-10
(SaLuSa, Expansion of dimensional consciousness)

SaLuSa 01-15-10
(SaLuSa, Earthquakes in Haiti and ascension roles)

SaLuSa 01-13-10

SaLuSa 01-11-10
(SaLuSa, ON the verge of THE announcement NOW)

SaLuSa 01-20-10
(SaLuSa, Jump to a galactic being in aftermath in Haiti)

Patricia Robles 01-20-10
Patricia Cotus Roblus
(The year of Manifstation 5th dimensional forms of light)

Mashubi 01-20-10

Hilarion 01-03-10

Greetings from Alfa Starship! 01-24-10

SaLuSa+ 01-01-10

Ashtar Airplane 12-27-09

Ashtar Telecom 05-19-09

Atmos What lies ahead of you is wondrous and exciting 05-18-09

SaLuSa The Light Opens The Door To Many Dimensions 04-22-09

SaLuSa So Little Time Left Before You See Dramatic Changes 04-20-09

Message from Matthew 04-28-09

Arch Angel Michael 04-19-09

SaLuSa A grand plan is being worked out 04-01-09

The Masters of light April energies around the world 04-01-09

SaLuSa We are not here in great numbers by chance 03-30-09

Ag Agria Love Can Overcome Any Challenge That Is Your True Power 03-25-09

SaLuSa Our Comming Is To Change Your Lives 03-23-09

SaLuSa Hold Fast To Your Beliefs 03-20-09

Sirian High Council of Light Get Ready for This Next Leap of Faith 03-19-09

Mira From the Pleiadian High Council 03-06-09

SaLuSa Follow your oun Intuition in all that you do 03-11-09

Lord Arcturus A New Game Begins 03-05-09

Update Spiritual Hierachy and Galactic Federation

Ela News of Your Imminent Ascension has Travelled the Universe 03-09-09

SaLuSa The picture for your future has been outlined 03-06-09

The Council Of 12 The Unique window 03-01-09

Ker-On You Have Awakend to Your Collective Power 03-04-09

Ruth Ryden The Masters Of Light Weather and Economy 03-01-09

Clifford Stone Project Camelot interview with Kerry Cassidy

Patrica Cori Message from the Sirian High Council 02-28-09

Ashtar On The Road teleconference 02-24-09

SaLuSa Free Energy Devices Should Soon Start to Surface 02-23-09

SaLuSa Freedom Is Total Without Restriction 02-20-09

SaLuSa First Cantact Rapidly Nears Fruition 02-18-09

Ashtar On The Road 02-10-09

Ag-agria A New Enlightened Man Is Emerging 02-16-09

SaLuSa Multitudes Of Beings Oversee Your Progress 02-11-09

SaLuSa Truth is The Word ForThe Period You Are 02-09-09

SaLuSa No One But You Has Ordained Your Path 02-04-09

Message From Matthew 02-07-09

Ceres Soltec 02-08-09

Gary Mckinnon 01-29-09

Diane Give Yourselves A Big Hug 02-02-09

SaLuSa Your Future Assured By Divine Decree 01-23-09

SaLuSa You are beginning to live your vision 01-19-09

Ker On I Come With The Energy Of Love 01-21-09

Diane Ascension is Your Passport to the Higher Realms 01-16-09

Alien Truth 01-19-09

SaLuSa We Are The Messengers Of The Creator 01-14-09

SaLuSa In time you will have much to celebrate 01-12-09

SaLuSa You are approaching a milestone in this cycle 01-09-09

SaLuSa 2009 Will Be Quite A Roller Coaster Ride 01-07-09

Arch Angel Michael Understand Who Are The Host Of God 01-08-09

The Council Of Light Prepare for the New Year 12-31-08

SaLuSa Your New Year Will Be The Turning Point in Your Lives 12-29-08

Ruth Ryden The Masters of Light New Years Predictions 01-02-09

Ag-agria You are to experience upliftment into the Light 01-02-09

SaLuSa You are in fact now in control of your destiny 12-31-08

Atnos The old paradigm is changing a new one is taking its place 12-17-08

Elanthra Sananda Master Jesus And I AM You 12-23-08

SaLuSa The Light Has Returned to Earth 12-22-08

Archangel Michael You are the trailblazers of the golden new earth 12-10-08

Commanders Ashtar and Athena A You're Adorable, B You're So Bountiful 12-11-08

SaLuSa Each week that passes you are reaching new heights 12-15-08

Mira Pleadian High Council 12-04-08

Ker-On Light Is now the dominant energy 12-12-08

Message from Adama 12-13-08

Sa Lusa The Light Of Truth Laves No Stone Unturned 12-10-08

Sa Lu Sa Look Ahead to Wonderful Times (Mixdown) 12-08-08

Miigraine Man reads I Matthew Message 11-25-08

Sa Lu Sa You are approaching a most exciting period and you are now entering the Photon Belt 12/01/08

Lord Mefafron The Current Economic WorldwideV1-Mixdown 12/01/08

Ela Each of you has your part to play V1-Mixdown 11/28/08

Ag Agria Hold onto your faith in the futureV1-Mixdown 12/03/08

Jeshua Time, Multidimensionality and Your Light Self

Sa Lu Sa The Truth Shall Set You Free-Mixdown 11/26/08

The Great attractor 02/19/08

Telepathic transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo The Rise of One Nation Under God

Ker On Our Ultimate Consideration is Your Evolution 11/03/08

Ag Agria Spiritual evolution is the gain from each life 10/31/08

Diane Accept change in whatever shape and form it comes 10/24/08

Jesus Yeshua The New Earth 1

Sa Lu Sa You are as much a part of us as we are you 10/27/08

SaLuSa Your lives are being shaken up and down 10/29/08

SaLuSa, The end times are so important for everyone 10/20/08

Sa Lu Sa ,You must seek to live in Love and Light 10/17/08

Message from Matthew 10/22/08

Ker-On We Monitor the Earth 10/22/08

SaLuSa 10/15/08 The “Sighting” has not gone ahead as planned

Diane 10/08/08 Ascension has nothing to do with religion Ascension is every bit about God and the Divine Plan

Brotherhood Of Light On Barack Obama

Sirian message

SaLuSa You have spoken and we of the Light have responded 10/01/08

SaLuSa Love is the energy that will carry you ever onwards 10/06/08

Ker-On You Are The Guardians Of The Earth 10/03/08

Blue Starr Ground Crew transmission

Blossom Goodchild Oct. 14,'08

Oct. 14th Revalation Message video from Escape The Illusion.com

Diane 9/29/08 raw

The Heart of Oneness Speaks 7/14/08

SaLuSa 092408 Soon there will be irrefutable proof that you are not alone in this Universe

The Community of Ascended Masters Channeled through Natalie Glasson 9/5/08

The Council of Love Love Unveiled 9/15/08

October 14th De-cloaking of a Mothership 9/14/08

Ag-Agria The 14th October sighting is the start of our plans to speed up events 9/1/08

Atmos A New Way is Emerging 9/3/08

Ker-On After Ascension you will be fully awakened 9/8/08

Sa-Lusa 9/5/08

Ker-on the light is shining into the darkest places 8/20/08

Chief Joseph, Soaring Oil Prices and Other Disasters 8/20/08

Ashtar The Air of Freedom 7/29/08

Ashtar addressing the July 29th '08 teleconference

Ag-agria The Golden Age is manifesting 8/25/08

St. Germain You have been preparing for Ascension for eons 8/01/08

SaLuSa, everywhere you look changes are taking place 8/04/08

Isis and Ra about the coming 8-8-8 activation, Received though Petra Magnolias

Ela You are in the midst of far reaching changes 8/13/08

Diane Believe in yourselves, You were created in the image of god 8/06/08

Atmos Those of the Light shall remain with Mother Earth as she also ascends 7/30/08

Atmos Man has subconsciously known what the future held 8/11/08

The New Earth Rising, Arch Angel energies for August '08

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Ashtar and Athena date 1/17/08

Agagria 1/14/08

Atmos raw take 2 1/7/08

Diane Sirius 1/2/08

Diane0 1/28/08

Ker on 1/11/08

Ker on 1/30/08

Message from Mathew 1/27/08

saLuSa 1/23/08

Sanat Kumara 1/29/08

Ley Lines- Carolyn Evers 2/4/08

Diane- Patience 1/16/08

Todays Angel Message 2/4/08

Ag Agria 2/12/08

alex Christos Gabbitas universal mind 2/11/08

Ker on 2/15/08

Lauren gorgo The Pleadians

SaLuSa sirius 2/13/08

Sanada 2/13/08

Spiritual Heirarchy 2/11/08

St. Germain 2/8/08

this is the truth God Say's

Today's Angel Message - in this month of love 2/08

The Arcturians 2/19/08

The Great Attractor 2/19/08

Apollonia, Musical Maiden of the Spheres 2/24/08

Diane- What you can do to prepare yourself for Acension 2/24/08

Gurumayi, discipline in listening 2/24/08

Ag Agria 2/27/08

Sa Lu Sa 2/24/08

Ker on 2/29/08

Lady Isis, Sharing Memories

Message from Mathew 2/26/08

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Archangel Michael DNA codes

Diane - Changes Are Rapidly Occurring

Ela Arcturus

Ag Agria 3/12/08

Alec Christos Gabbitas Uriel Pan elementals

Atmos 3/12/08

Carolyn Evers Master Kuthumi

Diane 3/14/08

Isis Lady of The Light

Loren Gorgo Andromedans

Sa Lu Sa 3/17/08

Saint Germain 3/19/08

Arch Angel Michael 3/24/08

Atmos 3/24/08

Heaven Letters God Speaks 3/24/08

Message From the Masters and Galactic Federation

Sanada Easter Message 3/23/08

St. Germain 3/20/08

Salusa 4/4/08

Migraine Man Mathew message 3/25/08

Ag Agria 4/21/08

Atmos 4/07/08

Diane- think and act for the highest good of all! 4/09/08

Ag-agria The Old Systems Are Collapsing 5/5/08

Mira Pleadian High Council 4/29/08

St. Germain The Great Awakening Contimues To Accelerate 5/7/08

HEAVEN #2743 All of Heaven and Earth 5/2?/08

Ker On 5/26/08

SaLuSa What was hidden is being revealed 5/28/08

Sananda The Ascension through Petra Margolis 5/19/08

AgAgria, your reality is in a quickining state of change 7/11/08

Atmos The Light of Freedom is Being Li 6/18/08

Diane Many paths lead to spiritual fullfillment 7/14/08

SaLuSA These are important times for Humanity 6/23/08

SaLuSA You are as Gods Children in one great family 6/11/08

SaLuSA you will travel the highways and byways of space as cosmic entities 6/30/08

St Garmain Walk in the Light 6/25/08

Ahstar Athena Letting Go to Open the Flow Lauren Gorgo

Atmos Financial problems are about to peak 7/18/08

Migraine Man reads Mathew 7/15/08

OT News- Private Message 7/13/08

The Heart of Oneness Speaks 7/14/08

Atmos Members of the Galactic Federation are Ascended Beings 7/21/08

Ker-On Only the Creator can now change the destiny of Man 7/23/08

SaLuSa your thoughts are shaping your immediate futre 7/25/08


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